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Please note: This page contains general steps taken by loan officer/banker and borrower during the mortgage lending process with Jeremy Hickok. You may experience different steps based on your unique scenario.

As a homebuyer the mortgage lending process can be a little overwhelming. To help our clients, we have created a list of steps taken by a borrower to purchase their home and get to the closing table. Feel free to print this document out and follow along! 

Commonly Requested Documents
  • Unexpired Photo ID and/or Social Security card

  • 30 days worth of most recent pay stubs

  • W2s for all jobs worked in the past 2 years

  • 2 most recent year's tax returns (self employed borrower)

  • Any additional income documentation

  • 2 months of bank statements (all pages & NO redacted information)

  • Mortgage statements, HOI, HOA & tax bills for all owned real estate

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